Wisycom MCR54 Latest Firmware Update V1.10

MCR54 Firmware

Wisycom MCR54 Firmware Update

For the latest firmware update available from Wisycom please download the file here: MCR54 Firmware V1.10

  • Added:
    • Single Rx view page.
    • Removed 3 seconds SAVE confirmation button.
    • Removed “Saved” popup when a parameter is changed.
    • Logo updated.
    • Modulation mismatch pop up updated.
    • New “Set to All” function to automatically assign the best 4 scan results to the currently active receivers.
    • New RF bars from 0 to 80 dBuV in 10 dBuV steps.
  • Bug Fix:
    • Fixed missing compander/ChMod/cal tone control when the receiver is not active.
    • Fixed mute/unmute control on AUX out.

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