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The Power of Wireless Intercom Headsets for Unforgettable Live Events

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When it comes to unforgettable live events, there are a lot of behind-the-scenes elements that help make the event a once-in-a-lifetime experience for those in attendance. Here at Raycom, we know exactly what it means to create an unforgettable live event and all the brilliant equipment that is used to make this experience possible.

Discover our vast range of wireless equipment perfect for live events. If you’re unsure about the equipment you may need for your production, don’t hesitate to contact our brilliant team of experts who can guide you in the right direction.

Finding A Good Communication System for Live Events

Trying to find a good communication system for your live events can be extremely difficult, especially when you’re having to deal with crowded environments with incredibly high noise levels. The dynamic environments of live events with lots of acts and alternative performances can make getting the show to run smoothly, quite difficult.

Another element of live events that can make choosing a good communication system complicated is the location of the event and whether it is indoors or outdoors. All of these things can alter the type of system needed and the demands faced, including integration with other systems and scalability of the event size.

Hollyland Solidcom C1 Pro Full Duplex Wireless Intercom Headset System

Unforgettable Wireless Equipment for Live Events from Hollyland

If you’re looking at investing in equipment for your next live event, then we have you covered here at Raycom with our selection of Hollyland equipment that is sure to enhance your live event and take it to the next level.

Specialising in the research, development and manufacturing of the highest quality audio transmission solutions, Hollyland is a company that should always be on your list to purchase when organising your next live event. Providing wireless audio comms systems for industries including, live event production, filmmaking, broadcasting, theatre and more. The Hollyland comms systems are renowned for their reliability, efficiency and their advanced capabilities.

Hollyland Equipment We Recommend for Live Events

Hollyland’s pioneering wireless intercom systems are a great asset to locations conducting live events regularly. Their systems are known for their seamless operation that is incredibly user-friendly, contributing to professional environments and creating fantastic audio quality for a variety of live events.

Investing in a Hollyland comms system with a selection of Hollyland headsets can completely transform your abilities to put on a live show. The wireless headsets from Hollyland are versatile enough to withstand the demands of any live show. At Raycom, we have a wide selection of Hollyland Solidcom C1 PRO headsets that can come in two, three, four, six and eight-way configurations with the ability to operate without a fixed hub and can easily be adapted to be used hard-wired or linked to multiple hubs.

Integrating a Hollyland wireless headset intercom system, like the Hollyland Solidcom C1 PRO headsets, you have the ability to facilitate clear communication amongst your team that can contribute to the smooth execution of live events, regardless of their location, size or dynamic with complete ease. The Hollyland Solidcom C1 PRO headsets all come with noise cancellation, delivering crystal clear sound between your team effectively.

The optional hub that can be included with the Solidcom C1 PRO can unlock additional features such as successful integration with any existing comms systems you may have. It also allows for the division of headsets into user groups and is the ideal choice for live productions such as theatre performances, live broadcasts and many more. A Hollyland comms system can help to adapt your live productions and events, ensuring that those in attendance are truly experiencing an unforgettable event.

Hollyland Comms Systems from Raycom


Why Choose Raycom

At Raycom, we have over 30 years of experience within the audio industry and have built long-lasting relationships with a range of premier UK broadcasters, providing sound engineers and productions with the highest level of audio equipment in the industry. Supplying only your favourite audio equipment brands, to ensure the audio quality of your production, no matter what it is, is at the highest level it can be.

Our customer support is a cut above the rest with long-term aftercare services, delivering exquisite guidance on products, whilst keeping all of our customers informed regarding our repair services, with our specialist RF engineers dealing with even the most complex and unusual issues. At Raycom, we continue to build our range of products and suppliers to ensure you can truly benefit from the best live event equipment there is on the market.

The Hollyland Collection

Here at Raycom, we have a brilliant selection of Hollyland products that are sure to improve your live event. From accessories to complete wireless headset intercom systems, Hollyland comms is one of the best pieces of equipment to invest in for every type of live event, whether it’s a theatre production to live broadcasting. Discover our collection of Hollyland products available if you’re looking for the best equipment to create unforgettable live events. We also have a brilliant selection of other headsets, earpieces and headphones available for you to choose from.

Shop Hollyland headsets and more here at Raycom. If you’re looking for advice on the right piece of equipment for your next live event, then don’t hesitate to get in touch. Our trusty team of experts is here to help and point you in the right direction. You can contact us by phone at 01789777040 or email at sales@raycom.co.uk or you can simply fill out one of our contact forms on our website here

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