“The Aston Sound” by Aston Microphones

Aston Microphones

“Aston Microphones. Designed by British engineers, the sound developed by the best ears in the business, and then made in the UK… a pretty cool combination.” Aston Microphones

Raycom carefully select our products to reflect our ethos of quality. Aston Microphones as a UK manufactured brand of boutique microphones fits well within our brand and company core values.

Aston Microphones believe that microphones are not merely functional instruments, they are musical instruments at the heart of every recording, and we can’t disagree!

In the development stages Aston claim that it was critically important that the final sound was not just something that was merely functional, but an inspiration to the artist, producer or engineer to ensure the very best performance possible. Each capsule was chosen by a process of elimanation, from 100’s of designs. Listening tests were designed to show the difference between marketing leading mics in each price sector, with double blind listening tests, with a panel of 33 top producers, engineers (including FOH) and artists in the UK.

Notable Awards
Aston Stealth
Winner, best Microphone at 35th NAMM TEC Awards

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Aston Microphones Ltd. a multiple award-winning mix of beauty & British engineering excellence.



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