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The Art of Noise: How to Clean and Maintain Your VDB Boom Pole

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Great cinema will always move you; great documentaries will educate and intrigue, live broadcasts and performances can simply amaze you, but would they be as powerful without high-quality sound resonating through your soul?

Every crew member of a production is an important cog in the mechanisms of creating fantastic and often beautiful experiences and they all rely on their equipment to be working optimally. Check out all our high-quality sound and recording equipment.

The Power in Your Pole

A boom pole is an essential tool in recording sound, making it a crucial piece of equipment in audio recording for various productions. There are many benefits to having your VDB audio boom pole functioning as designed including:

Precise Microphone Placement

A boom pole allows sound professionals to position a microphone with precision. By extending the microphone away from the camera, the operator can place the microphone close to the subject while keeping it out of frame. This ensures clear, direct and focused audio is captured without any unwanted interference.

Flexibility and Mobility

Boom operators can easily adjust the position of the microphone during a recording session allowing them to follow the movements of actors, subjects or sound sources from various angles or distances.

Artistic Control

Sound professionals can use VDB boom poles to shape the audio to match the artistic vision of the project. They can vary the microphone’s angle, distance and position to achieve specific audio effects or to emphasise particular sounds.

Reduced Handling Noise

VDB Boom Poles are designed to minimise handling noise and vibrations when the microphone is moved or adjusted. This helps maintain audio quality by preventing unwanted sounds from being picked up by the microphone.

Look After Your Pole

Though an audio boom pole is a superb and essential piece of sound recording equipment, if it is not working as designed, you are not going to achieve what you set out to. There is nothing more off-putting than substandard sound in a production, and this is even more frustrating if it is simply down to lack of maintenance and care. So, we have compiled a list of tips to help you keep your audio boom pole functioning optimally.

1. Regular Inspection

Start by regularly inspecting your boom pole for any visible damage, loose components or signs of wear and tear.

2. Use Clean Hands

Always clean your hands thoroughly before handling the boom pole to prevent transferring dirt, oils or contaminants onto it.

3. Use a Soft Cloth

Wipe down the exterior of the boom pole with a clean, lint-free and soft cloth. Microfibre or leans cleaning cloths work well.

4. Avoid Water

Do not submerge the VDB audio boom pole in water or use excessive moisture for cleaning as it may damage internal components.

5. Cable Care

Pay special attention to the cable. Check for any kinks, cuts or fraying. Replace the cable if you notice any damage.

6. Connector Inspection

Inspect the connection at both ends of the cable for any dirt or corrosion. Clean them with a contact cleaner if needed.

7. Lubrication

If your VDB boom pole has telescopic sections or adjustable parts, apply a small amount of silicone-based lubricant to ensure smooth extension and retraction. Avoid using oil-based lubricants.

8. Shock Mount Care

If your boom pole has an integrated shock mount, clean it regularly and inspect the elastic bands for wear. Replace any worn-out bands.

9. Avoid Overextending

Avoid fully extending the audio boom pole beyond its recommended maximum length as this can strain the internal components.

10. Store Correctly

Store your VDB boom pole in a padded bag or case designed specifically for audio equipment when not in use to protect it from dust, moisture and physical damage.


Time for a Brand-New Boom Pole?

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Perhaps you haven’t been following best practice cleaning and maintenance for your boom pole or perhaps you have been so busy natural wear and tear has taken its toll, either way, it is time for a new VDB audio boom pole from Raycom. Get in touch with our expert team and discover VDB Audio, the brand that puts sound in the spotlight.

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