Tentacle Sync E Timecode Bluetooth Monitoring

Tentacle Sync E Timecode Bluetooth Monitoring

Tentacle Sync E Timecode Bluetooth Monitoring

When the original Tentacle Sync units were released back in late 2015/early 2016, they made quite the splash in the timecode world.
Two years on and Tentacle have released a new version – the Tentacle Sync E Timecode Bluetooth Monitoring.

Like the original Tentacle units, they are available in both Single or Double sets.

Tentacle Sync E

See below for Bluetooth App walk through.


What’s new?

The guys at Tentacle realised that on a large production set you had no quick or easy way of telling if all your Tentacles were off, on, had low  battery, in sync or even connected to the devices!
You had to visit each one to check by connect them to your phone and app. This can be tedious and time consuming when you have over 20 Tentacle units.
Tentacle solved this by introducing the Bluetooth monitoring feature in the new Tentacle Sync E.

The new Tentacle Sync E is slimmer with softer edges giving it a funkier design compared to the original. The on/off button is now a slide button located on the side and there are two lights on the front ~ Blue for Bluetooth and the same Red/green light for Timecode sync indication.

Everything else about the Tentacle Sync E is the same as the previous version: to start in slave, hold the on button up to 3 seconds (red light). To start in master – hold for up to 6 seconds (until light goes green).

You do get some cool new accessories such as the neat cable clip:
Tentacle Sync E Cable Clip







Tentacle Bluetooth Monitoring App

For Android and iPhone.  This allows the user to view all of the Tentacle Sync E devices within range (you can have 99+ units in the network if you want!).

With the App you can instantly see which Tentacle’s are:

  1. In Sync or Out of Sync
  2. Connected to a device
  3. Running low on battery (Off or On)

At a glance in the app you can see the framerate and line/mic level settings.

You can select any of the Tentacle Sync E Units connected via Bluetooth and manage these settings. Before on the previous Tentacle units, you had to connect the tentacle by cable.

How many Tentacle Sync E’s can you use in the App? We asked this question when we met up with Max and the gang at IBC this year. ‘As many as you want or can’ was the answer!

Timecode Sync

You can not sync the Tentacle Sync E’s Timecode through the Bluetooth App. Once you spot a unit that is out of sync, you will have to sync it in the same way as before – by using the 3.5mm to 3.5mm cable provided.

Connecting a Tentacle Sync E to an audio device or camera is done in the same way as before ~ using the 3.5mm jack to the relevant connector cable. Such as the Raycom Custom Tentacle 3.5mm to 5-Pin LEMO cable.


Setting up:

Setting up your Tentacle Sync E to the bluetooth monitoring app –


Tentacle Sync E Bluetooth Monitoring App


We think the addition of the Bluetooth monitoring feature is a a great addition and will help many soundies manage their set up way more efficiently!

For more information please contact on 01789 777040 or you can always visit Tentacle.

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