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N-Series ISDT Chargers

ISDT Smart Chargers Overview

The existence of single-use batteries is now heavily discouraged in all applications and markets worldwide. As a heavy user, the Film, TV and Broadcast world is really embracing this effort to reduce use.

The solution is of course quality rechargeable batteries and dependable re-charging solutions. There are a few choices of battery technology and their associated specific chargers, however, the problem then is which technology to choose? A good start is a range of intelligent chargers that will cope with all battery technologies and popular sizes at the same time.

Raycom are thrilled to stock the range of N-Series chargers from ISDT – a feature-packed range of intelligent flexible chargers that could really assist your workflow.

There are three variations of charger, the N8, N16 and N24 – simply named as they have 8,16 and 24 battery slots respectively – but what are they and what do they offer us?

What They Offer

Ultimately, they are chargers, but they offer us a lot more than that as the N series is an intelligent battery charger that can cope with a mix of both double and triple-A size batteries in Nickle Metal Hydride, Nicad and Lithium simultaneously.

There’s no need to worry about what you are charging, just pop in the battery and the charger will sort it all out for you allowing you to get on with your day!

The N Series boasts fantastic build quality, feeling very solid in the hand but at the same time lightweight, both vital if you are going to be travelling with them. The largest model, the N24, only weighs 810g.

Power to the N-series comes from either a dedicated power supply (for N16 and N24) or simple USB-C (for N8) and they feature a clear charger status LED above every installed battery – but it’s the opportunity to dig deeper that is the fun part.

N series chargers feature an incredibly informative status and control screen where each battery can be individually interrogated. Suddenly the humble battery charger becomes an interesting addition to your kit – check out our overview on Raycom TV down below to get the lowdown!

Don’t forget to give us a call on 01789 777040 or send us an email if you have any further questions on the N-Series Chargers from ISDT.

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