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Tech Tuesday! – Bubblebee Windbubbles

In our latest edition of Tech Tuesday, we take a look at the Bubblebee Wind Jamming range.

In our Latest Tech Tuesday post, we take a look at the Bubblebee windjammer range and what makes Bubblebee fur so clever.

The post below goes into some detail that you may or may not know already. We aim to provide a brief overview, which we will cover in more detail on our Youtube channel soon.

What are they? 

The Windbubbles are a specially constructed wind protection solution for microphones. They help to prevent unwanted noise from sources such as wind from being picked up by the microphone. 

Why is wind a big deal for audio recording? 

In its simplest form sound is an energy that causes air molecules to vibrate at a given frequency. A microphone diaphragm works by detecting these vibrations as a change in air pressure. Wind noise comes from wind moving air causing a change in the air pressure in the same way as the desired sound which the microphone picks up as unwanted noise.

How does a Wind Jammer help? 

Windjammers come in a variety of shapes and sizes but they all aim to provide a “dead” space of air around a microphone so the only movement should come from the sound waves we are aiming to capture. 

What makes a Bubblebee Wind Jammer special?

Bubblebee took a leaf out of nature’s book and opted for ultra-fine, soft faux fur at a variety of lengths, thus allowing the wind to be slowed gradually to a stop rather than impacting on a solid wall of fur. The mesh inner cage and fur construction allow for the smallest impact on frequency response whilst maximizing wind prevention. 

There are a range of wind jamming options available in a variety of sizes and colours to suit your environment. One last thing when fitting a Windbubble to a Mic; make sure you slide the cover on, then retract it a small amount, just enough so the mic is touching the top of the mesh cage inside, this allows for a full sphere of “dead air” around the mic. 

The windproofing products from Bubblebee areavailable in a range of sizes and colours here.

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