“Sound Within Reach” – Introducing the K-Tek KlassicPro

K-Tek KlassicPro

“Sound Within Reach” – Introducing the NEW K-Tek KlassicPro

“Sound Within Reach” has been the slogan for K-Tek since creating their first boom pole in 1996 and this summer K-Tek has announced major advances to their award winning Klassic Boom Poles with the KlassicPro to keep up with the demands and preferences of today’s professional Boom Operator.

In short, the new design features poles that more rigid, lighter and stronger, with a shorter collapsed length and a removeable headpiece.
The redesigned headpiece simply threads on and off the tube smoothly and the cable of choice can be removed or installed—without any soldering. The boom pole is readily transformed to un-cabled, coil cabled or with a transmitter at the top or the bottom.

Quicker Cuing
K-Tek has designed poles that are more rigid and have a shorter collapsed length that is desired in today’s production environment. KlassicPro Boom Poles maintain the original light weight of the tubes, yet the new design features added strength. Adding a sixth section and wider tubes increases the stiffness and optimizes handling balance. The result is quicker cuing and more user control of the microphone.
The Locking collars have been modified to allow for a more subtle and gradual extension of each section, the poles have been hand-burnished to diffuse handling noise.
A new anodizing process combined with changing the exterior dimples to oval divets gives a better grip and smoother feel when opening and closing each collar.

When deciding which Boom Pole is right for you K-Tek recognise that you’ll need the correct boom for you and your work, and as such there are options available with varying length and cabling options.

Raycom is proud to be an authorised dealer of K-Tek products in the UK, and all the options are available to pre-order on our website here.
Please contact our sales team if you have any questions or queries.

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