Our Guide To Sound Devices 688

Sound Devices 688

Sound Devices 688

Sometimes you just can’t find the information you need on the Sound Devices 688. The aim is to use this Blog to help to provide links, documents, videos and anything else Sound Devices have released to hopefully make it easier. This is a work in progress and info will be added as it is released or found.

If you can’t find what you are looking for, please get in touch and we’ll do the research and add it in.

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Tech Notes
Searching for the Sound Devices 688 ‘approved media list’ or want to know how to edit your ‘headphone preset list?’ Check Sound Devices ‘Tech Notes’ to see if they have already answered your query – TECH NOTES

Firmware & Software
Check and download the latest Firmware and software for the Sound Devices 688 here – Firmware & Software


Documents & spec sheets

688 Specs

688 User Guide

688 Quick Start Guide

Accessories Documentation

CL-12 Quick Start Guide

CL-12 User Guide

SL-6 User Guide

There are more videos on the Sound Devices page – Videos


Comparison with the 633 & 664

Description12 input, 16-track mixer/recorder
with Dugan Automixing / MixAssist
and optional SL-6 Powering and
Wireless System
12 input, 16-track mixer/recorder6 input, 10-track mixer/recorder
with Dugan Automixing / MixAssist
Digital Mixing, Processing and RoutingAnalog
SuperSlot™ Wireless Receiver Integrationvia optional SL-6
RF Scan & Freq. Assignment✓(with SL-6 & SuperSlot receivers)
Total Inputs12126
Mic / Line Inputs663
Line Only Inputs663
AES42 Digital Mic Inputs221
AES3 Inputs2 (4ch)2 (4ch)1 (2ch)
AutoMixers: MixAssist & Dugan
48V Phantom
HPF80 – 240 Hz (analog and digital)80 – 240 Hz (analog only)80 – 240 Hz (analog and digital)
Input Limiters
Pre/Post Fade (analog and digital)
Pre/Post Fade (analog only)
Pre/Post Fade (analog and digital)
Output Limiters
Input Linking (Stereo and M/S)All input pairsPairs 1-2, 3-4, 5-6Pairs 1-2, 5-6
Slate MicBuilt-in and ExternalBuilt-in and ExternalBuilt-in
Tone Osc
Bus Outputs8 (L,R, X1-X6)4 (L,R, X1-X2)6 (L,R, X1-X4)
AES3 Digital Outputs4 (8ch)4 (8ch)2 (4ch)
Transformer-balanced XLR / Hirose Outs
Direct OutputsFor inputs 1-6
Headphone Outputs222
2ch Camera Send/Return, 10-Pin Hirose22
2ch Return, 1/8″111
Dedicated Com Return
Tape Out12
Input Delay0 – 30 mS0 – 30 mS
Output Delay0 – 417mS0.0 – 10.0 frames
Hardware FadersCh 1-12Ch 1-6Ch 1-6
Hardware Trim ControlsCh 1-6 (1-12 with CL-6)Ch 1-6Ch 1-3
Hardware LR Pan ControlsCh 1-6Ch 1-6Ch 1-3
Hardware PFL ControlsCh 1-12Ch 1-12Ch 1-6
Hardware Trim Control of Digital InsCh 1 and 6
Metering3 meter views, customizable3 meter views, customizable3 meter views, customizable
LR plus 12ch Vertical Metering
Recording MediaCF, SDCF, SDCF, SD
Max Sampling Rate192kHz48.048kHz192kHz
Max Bit Depth242424
Max Pre-roll Time6s6s6s
Audio File FormatsWav Poly, Wav Mono, MP3Wav Poly, Wav Mono, MP3Wav Poly, Wav Mono, MP3
Reel, Scene, Take, Notes, Phrases, Tracks✓ (iXML, bEXT)✓ (iXML, bEXT)✓ (iXML, bEXT)
Sound Report Creation
Hi-Precision Ambient™ Generator / Reader
Word Clock Sync Reference
Power SourceEXT DC, 5x AA, & NP1 (from SL-6)EXT DC, 5x AAEXT DC, 6x AA, 2x L-Mount
Integrated Power Distribution4x DC Outs, USB Charging Port (with SL-6)
Wingman via iOS and Android Devices✓ (WM-Connect required)✓ (WM-Connect required)✓ (WM-Connect required)
3rd-Party Remote Control via iOS Devices✓ (:wave & MovieSlate required)✓ (:wave & MovieSlate required)✓ (:wave & MovieSlate required)
3rd-Party Web-based Remote Control via Android, PC or iOS Devices✓ (Ambient Master Lockit & WiFi required)✓ (Ambient Master Lockit & WiFi required)✓ (Ambient Master Lockit & WiFi required)
SL-6 Powering and Wireless System
CL-12 Linear Fader Controller
CL-6 Input Controller
Carry BagCS-688CS-688CS-633

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