Scoop up a deal – 10% Off your favourites

Scoop a deal on your ‘Back to work’ kit 😎

  • Simply select any items from the ‘Pick and Mix’
  • Spend a minimum of £100 ex VAT
  • Save yourself 10% off the order!
Pick n’ Mix Items
⭐️ Viviana Range of products 
⭐️ Bubblebee Range of products (excluding the Sidekick)
⭐️ Hideamic Range of products 
⭐️ Raycom Bias-Tee
⭐️ DPA Core 4060 Lav Mics 
⭐️ DPA Core 6060 Lav Mics 
⭐️ DPA Core 4061 Lav Mics
⭐️ DPA Core 6061 Lav Mics
⭐️ Sanken COS11D Lav Mics
⭐️ K-Tek Squid
⭐️ K-Tek Gizmo Bags 
⭐️ Orca Hard Shell Bags
⭐️ Raycom Custom Cables 
⭐️ Delkin SD Cards
⭐️ Rycote Stickies Round Advanced 25 Pack
⭐️ Orca OR-155 Audio Mount 
⭐️ Orca OR-150 Aluminium Antenna Mount
⭐️ Orca OR-29 Capsule Case
⭐️ Orca OR-38 Small Wireless Pouch
⭐️ Orca OR-17 Magnetic Boom Pole Holder
⭐️ Rycote Overcovers Original Mix Pack
⭐️ Orca OR-82 Laptop Backpack
⭐️ ORCA OR-655 Dual Receiver Case
⭐️ Orca OR-434 Large Boom Pole Case 
⭐️ Orca OR-432 Medium Boom Pole Case 
⭐️ Orca OR-430 Small Boom Pole Case
⭐️ Rycote Super Shield
⭐️ Rycote Overcovers
⭐️ Raycom Custom TA3F to 3-Pin XLR Male Cable
Offer on in stock items only, minimum spend of £100.00 ex VAT applies 
Offer will run until the 31st July 2020
Enter the Coupon GIVEME10 at check out to apply 10% off on your website order 🙌

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