Raycom’s Guide to the Best Wireless Communication System

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In the fast-paced world of live theatre events and productions, clear and uninterrupted communication is essential for seamless coordination and a successful show.  

We’ve recently considered what options are available in the wireless comms world to unearth what improvements could be made with specific reference to ease of use and cost. While the answer can depend on the nature of the production and the context in which a show is being staged, the experts here at Raycom are all in unison about one exceptional solution that is unrivalled on these two important factors – the Hollyland Solidcom C1 PRO system. 

In this blog, we will explore the importance of reliable production talkback systems and then introduce you to the Hollyland Solidcom C1 PRO headset-only comms system, which is easily one of the most promising solutions on the market. Let’s get started. 

What Is a Wireless Communication Headset System? 

You are no doubt already savvy with what a talkback system is, how they work and why they are vital, but maybe you’re new to the world of headset-only wireless solutions. These systems consist of wireless headsets that allow crew members, such as event producers, stage managers, lighting operators and directors to stay connected and in constant communication throughout the event. A headset-only system needs no central hub, though one is available for the Hollyland Solidcom C1 PRO series should you wish to unlock some of the more advanced features. The joy of a Hollyland wireless comms solution is that the system can just work, right out of the box. Simply hand out the headsets and switch them on, no programming, no training, just instant clear, full duplex, communication. 

Introducing the Hollyland Solidcom C1 PRO Wireless Comms System 

Hollyland Solidcom C1 Pro’s unique features and reliable performance make it an ideal choice for live events and productions. Raycom stocks several configurations, including two-way, four-way, six-way and eight-way sets. Whilst the system does not rely on a hub we do also offer the Solidcom C1 Pro Full Duplex Wireless Intercom Headset System with a Hub included to open a raft of extra features for more complex applications. 

The Solidcom C1 PRO system is built around a robust wireless 1.9MHz DECT 6 transmission method, providing long-range capability with uninterrupted communication, even in large-scale productions and challenging environments. The addition of environmental noise cancellation (ENC) ensures clear, ambient noise-free transmissions throughout the system. This noise cancellation capability enhances the overall communication experience, allowing production teams to stay connected and collaborate seamlessly, even in noisy and dynamic production environments. The C1 PRO’s ability to deliver clean and crisp audio transmissions significantly contributes to the efficiency, coordination, and success of live events and productions. 

Designed for effortless hands-free communication, the Hollyland Solidcom C1 PRO systems are perfect for fast-paced live events and theatre productions. They offer comfortable, lightweight and fully wireless headsets, eliminating the need for additional belt packs or a hub. Simply take the pre-linked headsets out of the bag, switch them on and start communicating instantly. If you want to take the system to the next level, an optional hub is available to unlock additional features, including the ability to integrate existing communication systems, create user groups and expand the system for larger productions by adding more headsets to the system. 

Since its inception in 2010, Hollyland has quickly ascended to the top of the wireless communication space with intuitive, robust and reliable solutions that remain affordable across the scope of small, medium and large-scale productions. In a very crowded marketplace, Hollyland’s rapid rise can be explained simply by its focus on innovation and meeting the evolving needs of professionals. 

Hollyland, and their Solidcom C1 PRO system, continue to be a trusted brand in the industry, providing innovative wireless communication solutions for live events and productions. 


Hollyland Solidcom at Raycom 

In the dynamic world of live events and productions, a reliable talkback system is indispensable. The Hollyland Solidcom C1 PRO headset-only wireless comms system stands out as a go-to solution, delivering unmatched performance, a comprehensive feature set and all at a very reasonable cost. Its wireless design, environmental noise cancellation and effortless setup make it an excellent choice for event producers, stage managers, lighting operators and directors who require seamless communication. 

You can view our full selection of Hollyland products or, if you’d like to talk to us more about the best configuration for your own needs, get in touch with us. Give us a call on 01789 777 040 or email if you have any questions – and you can also see more on this fantastic product range on our YouTube channel. 

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