Wisycom MCR42s Receiver with MTP41S Transmitter Kit
Wisycom MCR42s Receiver
Wisycom MCR42s Receiver with MTP41S Transmitter Kit
Wisycom MCR42s Receiver

Wisycom MCR42s Receiver with MTP41S Transmitter Kit


£4,500.00inc VAT

  • Up to 232 MHz bandwidth in the 470 to 798 MHz range
  • MTP41S – Miniature design with flexible pcb (no connectors) for extended reliability
  • MTP41S – 1 x AA Alkaline or rechargeable NiMH
  • 40 groups of 60 frequencies, fully user programmable.

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Wisycom MCR42s Receiver with MTP41S Transmitter Kit

The Wisycom MCR42s Receiver with MTP41S Transmitter Kit provides a tuneable bandwidth of up to 232 MHz. This allows the Wisycom MCR42S and MTP41S kit to be used in multiple locations around the world!

Wisycom 41S Kit:
1 x MCR42S Dual Receiver, inc Digcom2 option
1 x BPA42 PTT base
2 x MTP41S Transmitters
1 x VAP42 Carry Case


The MCR42S is a camera receiver designed for the best-in-class performance. Four receivers are internally paired for TRUE DIVERSITY. Its front end has a chain of micro-controlled movable filters to allow BROADBAND OPERATION up to a range of 232 MHz with great selectivity. A powerful low consumption DSP gives you the best of analogue and digital technologies in an hybrid approach for smooth operation, wide coverage and with Wisycom’s patented PTT (push to talk) already integrated.

  • Dual channel, true diversity in a modular stand-alone or slot-in format.
  • Switching bandwidth up 232 MHz in the UHF range.
  • DSP based audio processing for unbeatable audio and digital outputs with Wisycom’s PTT (push to talk) patented technology already integrated.
  • 40 groups of 60 frequencies, fully user programmable.
  • Multi-compander operation
  • Infrared interface for programming and transmitter synchronization
  • Wisycom exclusive digital sub-carrier telemetry technology allows:
    •  remote TX battery monitoring
    •  tone-squelch operating
    •  PTT function (An optional back-panel module is available, with the secondary intercom output)
  • Easy setup and operation through the OLED display


The MTP41 is an extremely small and light pocket transmitter especially designed for professional wireless microphone applications. Very easy and quick to use thanks to an OLED display, dedicated buttons and a joggle selector. The MTP41 also benefits from the latest Wisycom RF technology along with enhanced robustness against noise.

  • Up to 232 MHz bandwidth in the 470 to 798 MHz range
  • Miniature design with flexible pcb (no connectors) for extended reliability
  • Ultra-light metal alloy body (60g without battery)
  • User selectable multi-companding systems:
    • ENR (noise optimized)
    • ENC (voice optimized)
  • Battery: 1 AA Alkaline or rechargeable NiMH
  • Autonomy:
    • > 5 hours @ 50mW output power
    • > 7 hours @ 10mW output power
  • Infrared interface for management and firmware update
  • Easy and quick to setup by the OLED display, gain/freq button and joggle selector
  • Extended regulation on Mic input gain: 100dB in 1dB step
  • Max input level 26dBu (15.5 V clipping) to connect directly to mixers and instruments

Wisycom MCR42S Specs:

Frequency ranges N 470 to 700 MHz
M 566 to 798 MHz
Switchable channels 40 groups of 60 channels fully user programmable
Switching-window Up to 232 MHz
Frequencies Microprocessor controlled frequency synthesizer circuit, with 25 kHz minimum step. The frequencies are easily PC reprogrammable with the optional UPK Mini Programming Kit
Frequency error < ± 2.5 ppm, in the rated temperature range
Temperature range -10 to +55 °C
Modulation FM, with 50 μs de-emphasis
Nominal deviation ±40 kHz (Max. operating dev. = ± 60 kHz)
Antenna input impedance 50 ohm SMA type (SWR < 1:2; typ. 1:1.4)
    • 2 μV ( 0 dBμV), for SND/N > 58 dB
    • 5 μV (14 dBμV), for SND/N > 98 dB

in the whole switching window

Amplitude response < 0.5 dB (RF input sig.:6 dBμV to 100 dBμV)
Co-channel rejection > 2.5 dB
Adjacent chan. selectivity > 80 dB typical (for ch. spacing ≥ 400 kHz)
Spurious rec. rejection > 100 dB
IF image rejection > 90 dB
Intermod. rejection > 76 dB
IIP3 > +10 dBm typical
Spurious emissions < 2 nW (typical = 0.1 pW)
Noise Reduction system ENR (Wisycom Extended-NR), noise optimized
ENC (Wisycom Extended-NC), voice optimized & with reduced pre-emphasis
Others, compatible with most systems, through an internal DSP emulation of SA572, SA575 and Rms envelope compander chip set, fully user programmable
AF bandwidth 30 Hz to 20 kHz
Frequency response ± 0.5 dB in the 30 Hz to 19 kHz range
Distortion 0.3 % typical
SND/D ratio (Analogue) 110 dB typical [*]
SND/D ratio (AES3) >125 dB typical [*]

2 multicolor RGB LEDs to easy indicate Rx1 & Rx2 power status:

  • GREEN, if “Receiver ON” with external power supply
  • RED, if LEDs blinking indicates power supply status of transmitter
  • slow blinking, at 25% battery capacity
  • fast blinking, at 12.5% battery capacity

2 multicolor RGB LEDs to easy indicate Rx1 & Rx2 RF status

  • RED, if both receivers RF level is under squelch level
  • GREEN, if signal above squelch level & antenna A (green) is active
  • BLUE, if signal above squelch level & antenna B (blue) is active
  • YELLOW, if signal above squelch and both antenna are used

2 multicolor RGB LEDs to easy indicates Rx1 & Rx2 audio status

  • RED, if audio is muted because of squelch (or tone squelch if active)
  • GREEN, if audio is active and tone squelch present
  • BLUE, if audio is active and tone squelch not present
Front buttons Simple operation with 4 buttons to quickly monitor and setup the receiver
One touch function for frequency scan and sync function
  • External = 5 to 18 Vdc (1.5 W max)
  • Autonomous. = with optional BCA 42 Battery Module (5 x IEC-LR6 1.5V size-AA alkaline or rechargeable batteries)
Dimensions “Slot-in” end plate = 68 x 18 x 115 mm, “Stand-alone” end plate. = 68 x 18 x 135 mm
Weight 180g approx
Analogue Audio Output
  • Audio line-output electronically balanced on two 3 pin mini-XLR Female connector
  • Audio line-output level Adjustable in one dB steps between -20 and +6 dBu (nominal) and MAX +12 dBu (peak deviation)
  • Audio line-output imped. ≤ 200 ohm
Push to Talk (PTT) Audio Output electronically balanced on a 5 pin mini-XLR Male connector
Digital Audio Output
  • electronically balanced on 3 pin mini-XLR Male connector
  • AES3 @ 48 kHz

Wisycom MTP41S Specs:

Switchable channels 2400 allocated by 40 groups of 60 channels (in specific frequency range), quickly selectable with dedicated buttons
Switching window Up to 232 MHz, depending on band
1 470 to 640 MHz
2 566 to 798 MHz
3 510 to 698 MHz
Frequencies Quartz PLL frequency synthesizer circuit (25 kHz step)
Frequency stability ± 2,5 ppm (in the rated temperature range)
Temperature range -10 to +55 °C
Max RF power
  • 50 mW (ERP) when high power selected
  • 10 mW (ERP) when low power selected
Spurious emissions < 2 nW
Nominal deviation ±40 kHz (Peak deviation = ±56 kHz)
Telemetry feature The MTP40 transmits a digitally modulated sub-carrier, for

  • tone-squelch operating
  • remote battery monitoring
  • optional PTT (push to talk) operation
AF input connector LEMO option Configurable on ‘mic’ display menu in 3 options

  • ‘2 wires’: gain selectable -40 to +40 (-54 dBu to +26 dBu peak), no bias voltage
  • ‘2 wires + bias’: gain selectable -20 to +40 (-54 dBu to + 6 dBu peak), 5.5 V on 4k7 bias supply
  • ‘3 wires’: gain selectable -40 to +40 (-54 dBu to +26 dBu peak)
AF input level 80 dB adjustable range from -60 dBu (775 uV) to 26 dBu (15.5 V) at peak deviation (1 kHz), adjustable in 1 dB steps
Max. input level +26 dBu (15.5 V) at clipping, +20 dBu (7.75 V) at nominal level
Noise-Reduction ENR (Wisycom Extended-NR), with independent Attack- and Recovery-time, noise optimized
ENC (Wisycom Extended-NC), with independent Attack- and Recovery-time, voice optimized & with reduced pre-emphasys
AF bandwidth
  • 45 Hz to 21 KHz (3dB)
  • 55 Hz to 20 KHz (1dB)
Distortion < 0.3 % (0.15 % typ.)
Signal-to-noise ratio
  • typ. 115 dB (A)rms with 40 kHz deviation
  • typ. 121 dB (A)rms with 56 kHz deviation
Led Led indication with bicolor led (red & green) on wireless power switch

  • Wireless transmission status: GREEN on/off
  • Modulation peek (if activated): RED
  • Battery lifetime status: GREEN – steady (> 25%) – slowly blinking (< 25%) – quickly blinking (<12%)
  • Ptt status: RED if active
Display High contrast OLED (Organic light-emitting diode) bicolor display (96 x 36 pixels)
8 step battery lifetime indication: 7 bars (100%, 87%, 75%, 63%, 50%, 38%, 25%) and “empty bar” quickly blinking (12% remaining)
PTT function Pin 3 of the AF connector can be setup to an external push button
Power supply 1 AA size batteries (Alkaline, rechargeable NiMH)
Battery life
  • approx. 5 hours @ 50mW continuous working
  • approx. 7 hours @ 10mW continuous working
Weight Approx. 60 g. without batteries



MTP40/MTP41 – Specs



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