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Tech Tuesday! | Phonak Roger Earpiece

Phonak Roger Earpiece

PHONAK ROGER | Ep.1 Earpiece


The Phonak Roger has been on the market for a few years now and has been adopted by many studios and on set. Our resident expert Andy joins us to go over some pointers that can help make this product shine.

The Roger V2 is the second Earpiece in the Phonak IEM Porfolio boasting extended battery life and up to 40% improved range than its predecessor. It has quickly become a must have on set allowing information to be passed to the talent discretely and wirelessly without the need for any equipment carried or on beltpacks.

The Roger earpiece is shaped to fit an ear canal perfectly which actually has an upwards bend. Once you have inserted the earpiece, you need to give it a quarter to a half turn twist, it will then be fit snug, and should feel comfortable.

For more information on how to fit the Earpiece take a look at Chapter 3 (1:57mins)

You can also pick up a pack of Ear wraps for improved Comfort/Fit with your Roger Earpiece, these are soft foam pieces that can be stuck on the earpiece, they are removable too so can be taken off for use with a different presenter

For more information on how to fit the softwraps take a look at Chapter 4 (4:05mins)

The extended battery allows for up to 20 hours of use before needing to change the battery meaning zero downtime in the middle of shoot.

For more information on how to fit the battery, check out Chapter 5 (6:21mins)

We also mention Wax and Wax guards its a touchy subject but as this is a product meant to stay in ears for prolonged periods of time, and given the small size of it, the smallest amount of debris getting inside can cause issues. The Earpieces come fitted with a wax guard fitted designed to protect the internal components from any debris whilst also allowing sound to get out.

For more information on how to change the wax guard take a look at Chapter 8 (10:15mins)

For more information on the rest of our Phonak Range consider following our Youtube Channel – Raycom TV

If you have any other questions or would like to book a Roger Earpiece Demo email us at

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