Discover Our Phonak Roger Bundles

Phonak Roger Bundles

The Phonak Roger system is a unique in ear monitor providing a virtually invisible feed directly into the ear of a presenter, actor or programme host. No cables or headwear just clean crisp reliable audio from a tiny, comfortable to wear earpiece.

The Roger earpiece, sometimes called the prawn or Wisycom , sits snuggly snugly into the ear canal. It’s easily deployed and soon forgotten by the user. It’s completely wire free and will be good for a long day’s operation on a single battery.

Roger and it’s its predecessor the “invisity” have been in popular use with most of the UK’s TV broadcasters and film studios for many years however the deployment opportunities of the system are yet to be widely understood. We’ve therefore put together three simple kits perfect for three specific applications at a discounted bundle price. We’ve even thrown in a bunch of accessories and a smart carry case to get you started.

The Set Kit

Perfect for working with on location or in the studio. A Roger earpiece in either beige or brown variant along with a Roger Base station transmitter and signal repeater for longer range deployment. Simply power the base station via the included 240V AC power supply, input the audio via a balanced XLR or 3.5mm socket , press the connect button and you’re good to go. We’ve even included a handy cable to allow for hirose or XLR powering in your bag. If required the rechargeable repeater will effectively double the useable range between the base station and earpiece.

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The IEM Kit

Where the required operating range is over the 80m capability of a standard Roger system the IEM kit can convert any longer range IEM beltpack to operate with a Roger earpiece. Simply plug in the headphone output of the beltpack to the included Roger Multi Media Hub which will output a wireless Roger signal. The beltpack can be body worn with the IEM beltpack or placed with it close to the action. The multi-media hub will provide a similar range to the earpiece as a Roger base station.

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The Prompt Kit

This kit pairs a Roger earpiece with the compact portable Roger touchscreen. The touchscreen has a high sensitivity built in microphone and can be neck worn for personal use or placed on a table for group chat transmission. Range to the earpiece will be around 40m but we’ve included a Roger repeater for longer range use. The touchscreen can also be used to remotely control the earpiece without the need to remove it for the user’s ear.

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Discreet communication systems make your appearances on stage, television or in live programs even better. The Phonak Roger Earpiece in-ear receiver ensures maximum wearing comfort, is almost invisible to the audience and guarantees optimal quality when transmitting producer’s instructions and interview questions.

With the 2.4 Ghz protocol for wireless connections developed by Phonak, the Phonak Roger Earpiece System is easy to set up and even easier to use, thanks to the plug-and-play configuration. Aside from the earpiece, Phonak offers the Roger BaseStation, the Roger Touchscreen Mic, the Roger Multimedia Hub and Roger Repeater for unlimited flexibility, so as to provide a comprehensive system for studio professionals.

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