Ofcom 700MHz Compensation Scheme

Ofcom 700MHz Compensation Scheme

The reduction of useable spectrum for PMSE is approaching fast. From May 1st  2020 we all need to clear the 700-800 MHz band in favour of 5G mobile phones. Whilst being a little disruptive we’re sure you are aware of the benefits of a rather generous compensation scheme, put in place by OFCOM, to enable replacement of existing kit with something suitable for use in the new available spectrum.

Rumour and supposition has caused some confusion however hard facts and timescale is now available. Please read below…



If you hold kit that has the ability to operate on frequencies between 700 and 800 MHz, you are able to pass this to OFCOM in return for a cash payment based on 60% of the list price of the product.

To make a claim you will first need to register your product via a user-friendly portal the Ofcom claims management system (OCMS) operated by Equiniti on behalf of OFCOM.

The link, which is now open :

Once eligibility is established you will be asked to return the kit and provide bank details for the payment. All sounds very simple, there are however a few eligibility rules.


The rules:

  • You Must have held a licence in the 700 MHz band between 17 October 2014 and 23 August 2018 or be able to show your business is based on hiring out equipment and therefore does not require a licence (dry hirer).
  • You can only claim for equipment that belongs to you or your company. Claims of £600.00 or more will require proof of ownership.
  • The equipment being claimed for must be in working order.
  • The Equipment being claimed for must have been purchased before 23 August 2018.
  • The Equipment being claimed for must have at least some of its tuning range in the 700 MHz band.
  • Ancillary equipment is eligible only if its related equipment is made unusable by the clearance of the 700 MHz band.


The Timeline:

  • February 4th 2019 – The OCMS portal opens for registration.
  • February 26th 2019 – Registration period closes.
  • June 1st 2019 – Start of return of product related to successful claims.
  • May 1st 2020 – Access to 700mhz band ceases for PMSE users.
  • 29th May 2020 – Scheme closes.


A Potential Claim:

We’ve had a look through your purchase history in order to identify potential eligible products. Please see what we’ve found below.


QTYProductClaim ValueSuggested Replacement
1Wisycom Hi Band Kit £4,813.28 LOW/MID Band Kit
  • Claim value of Wisycom Kits are reflecting surrender of 1 x MCR42 plus 2 x MTP40/41


If you’d like to know more about the latest product range or have any further questions on the OCMS scheme please do not hesitate to get in touch.

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