NEW – Sony DWX 3rd generation

In our latest blog we take a look at the Sony DWX 3rd generation transmitters and receivers

The Sony DWX are a range of high-quality digital transmitters and receivers designed for the best quality sound reproduction and have been used extensively on West End Productions.

One of the most exciting features of the new DWX range is the DWR-S03D Dual Channel Digital Wireless receiver which is now Superslot compatible. This means it will fit into Wireless Modules such as an SL2 on a Sound Devices 8 Series.

To set up a DWR-S03D Receiver with an SL2 on a Sound Devices 8 Series all you need to do is:

Ensure your receiver is fitted with the correct connector – There are two options available, the 15 pin Sony connector and the 25 pin Superslot, the latter is needed for the SL2.
Fit the receiver into your SL2 – It should simply slide in.
Fit the SMA connectors to the RF sockets and power up your 8 series.
Provide power to the receiver through the Superslot options – Use the Right hand menu button then scroll down to number 14 for the Superslot menu in the 8 Series mixer.
Make sure your receiver is outputting a digital signal – This can be done from the receiver menu or the 8 Series should automatically change the receiver to digital if you power cycle it.
Pair the receiver and the transmitter(s) – Turn them off, then hold the minus button and turn them on to put them in RF pair mode and sync them together.
Head to the receiver overview screen – Go back to the Superslot menu on the 8 series, then select the receiver you would like to control (you should see two as these are dual-channel receivers).
And there you have it! – This is where you can see an overview of your receiver/transmitter and you have control over the functionality

The Sony cross remote function:
The cross remote function uses a 2.4 GHz wireless signal which allows for remote control of the transmitters with a range of approximately 10m. It is worth noting that the control range can vary depending on the environment. In the event that the transmitter leaves the control range it will display on the overview and you will lose the remote control function, as soon as it comes back into range you automatically gain the remote control function back.

Below you can see the controls we have over the Transmitter from our 8 Series, these can all be managed remotely once the Transmitter has been paired with the receiver

For more information on the features on the Sony as well as a tutorial on getting it set up and the features available, take a look at the overview and set up from Raycom TV

The Sony has a variety of Transmitter options including a belt pack, a handheld for microphones, a boom pole and a micro transmitter. all of which are available from here – Browse the range here

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