Lectrosonics Walk Test – D Squared v Digital Hybrid

In the latest Raycom walk test we pitch the old against the new; the Lectrosonics Digital Hybrid has been a well respected wireless solution for almost two decades so we thought it would be fun to compare it to the new D Squared fully digital system unveiled by Lectrosonics in 2019.

In this test you will see all three diversity modes of the Lectro DSQD receiver range tested against the Digital Hybrid.

Products featured in this video:


SMWB Wideband Transmitter 

Lectrosonics DBU Digital Beltpack Transmitter

DPR Digital plug on Transmitter with record function


DSQD 4 Channel Digital Receiver 

UCR411a Receiver 

Remember only Raycom offer a free, no quibble, 5 year warranty on all Lectrosonics products – Full details here 

In this test we used licensed frequencies in EU Ch38 (606 to 614MHz). The channels chosen were completely free from noise. The antennas used were completely passive and have a nominal gain of 6dBi (3.85dB relative to a dipole), there was 2dB of feeder loss, the antennas were fed into the DSQD then looped out to the UCR411. All 3 transmitters were set to 50mW for this test. Be sure to subscribe to the Raycom TV channel as we will be doing many more walk tests in various settings in the coming months.

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