Offset the cost of your next purchase by trading in your current kit


How it works:

  1. Fill out the trade in form with information about the kit you would like to trade in and the new kit you wish to purchase.
  2. When we receive the trade in form, we may require additional information or images. If that is the case, we will send you a request by email.
  3. Once we have reviewed everything, we will send out a quote for the new equipment less the trade in value for you to consider.
  4. If you accept. We will ask you to send the trade in items for full appraisal. Please package it well, to avoid damage in transit, and send to the address below.
  5. Based on the in-house appraisal we will either confirm our original quote or send through a revised offer. We aim to complete the appraisal within 3-4 days.
  6. Once the final quote has been accepted, we will send an order confirmation for the new items you require showing a credit for the trade in.


Raycom Trade Ins,
Raycom Limited Unit 8,
Abbey Lane Court,
Abbey Lane, Evesham,
WR11 4BY

We strongly suggest sending the item by a tracked carrier.