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Introducing the Sound Devices A20 Mini

Sound Devices A20 Mini

The A20 is Sound Devices first miniature transmitter and is fully compatible with the existing A10 Digital Wireless System.

Offering some fantastic features: a low profile, sleek rounded form will be what immediately catches your eye

It’s a very lightweight product and that rounded form means it can be placed anywhere on the body or under tight clothing or costumes with ease – the talent you’re working with are really going to love these particularly as the transmitter is made from high-strength Ultem thermoplastic and as such doesn’t generate any heat, unlike metal transmitters.

It’s worth noting it is water resistant as well with waterproof connectors – so no need to worry about water or sweat causing you issues.

Now you may notice there’s no screen, or buttons, apart from the catch for the battery door. The A20 supports 3 AAA batteries or a Sony NP BX1 Li-Ion – that NPBX1 can be recharged via the USB-C on the top of the A20.

Battery life varies depending on the setup of the TX, find it on page 7 of the A20 Mini user guide Here: A20 Mini User Guide

But if the battery hatch is the only button – how is the A20 set up and controlled?

Simple really, the A20 has a companion app called A20-Remote, available on your smartphone or tablet, that allows complete control of the transmitter via Bluetooth. The A20 Mini has an internal 2.4GHz antenna to ensure excellent Bluetooth range.

From this you can perform a range of actions such as power on and off the unit, set RF power and freq., start and stop recording, mute the microphone and more.

What’s been packed into this compact package then?

Let’s start with the GainForward architecture – this allows you to easily set the Mini’s gain, low-cut, and limiter directly on your 8-Series. This immediate, local control of gain allows quick adaptation to changing volume levels and saves time during production.

It comes complete with a worldwide tuning range of 470-694Mhz, Full 10 Hz – 20 kHz audio bandwidth and 100% digital RF modulation and transmission – expect the same range performance and audio quality as the A10-TX.

On the subject of range performance – be sure to check out our walk test of the product over on Raycom TV!

Another standout feature is the Built-in 32-bit float recording giving you over 130 dB of dynamic range. There’s a 48kHz recorder in the A20 Mini with 64 GB storage for over 80 hours of record time – no SD card needed either – simply offload the recorded WAV files via the USB-C port

But that’s not all….

The A20 Mini has an ultra-accurate 0.2 ppm internal timecode generator built in, that can be jammed via USB-C.

Packing some truly fantastic features the Sound Devices A20 Mini offers a compelling package.

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