Hide A Mic – Whats all the (lack of) noise about?

Hide A Mic – Whats all the (lack of) noise about?

Hide A Mic – We’ve all been there before. Turned up for a shoot and what looks like a straight forward and easy job turns into every soundies ear ache ~ Static noises, cable noises, hair noises, poor positioning options, muffled results from hiding between clothing … yeah, it’s a pain. Sometimes, no matter what you try it just doesn’t help!

The solution
These problems gave Eric Leek (Hide-a-mics founder and sound engineer) his inspiration and drive to create a solution.
His eureka moment when watching an episode of ’Suits’ when he noticed that the soundie had concealed the lav mic in the knot of the tie. There came his idea to create a ‘cage’ that fits around the mic to prevent against unwanted rubbing noise and also allow sound to travel freely to the mic from the space provided. Behold, the Tie Holder was born!

It didn’t stop there. From experience, Erik realised that there are three other common scenarios which need slightly different solutions. This is how he then came up with the the Bra-Holder, T-Shirt & Shirt-Holder.

The T-Shirt Holder is the most versatile of the holders. It can used as a small tie-holder, in a scarf, with a stickie, etc. Talking of which, there are plenty of stickies to choose from these days ~ Bubblebee Invisible Lav Tape, Rycote’s standard and larger advanced stickies, DPA’s Stickies and Hide-a-mics very own sili-pad. All will do a good job holding the Hide-a-mic T-Shirt Holder in place.

The Bra and Shirt holders have clips which allow the talent to attach the mic’s themselves, removing any awkward and perhaps embarrassing incidents!

You can buy them in a four pack (one of each) or individually. They also come in different colours; black, beige, white and grey.

To view the Hide-A-Mic options – Here

The snag is that the Hide-A-Mic range only fit the Sanken Cos-11’s. We’re hoping that there are alternatives on the horizon for other brands such as the DPA 4060 et al which would be a great addition.

Nonetheless, we’re a fan of them and from our sales it seems many of you are.

If you haven’t tried them yet, get in touch or grab a pack. They’re worth having in your bag of essentials and who knows, they may even rescue your session!

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