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Game-changing Communication for Church Set-Ups and Production 

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For churches, and indeed all places of worship, the key to keeping people engaged and inspired is evolving the way services are delivered. This means learning to embrace increasingly technologically driven means of worship participation.

Having an effective church audio system, such as Hollyland wireless comms, is key to this. We’ll explain why and highlight some ideal church audio equipment and where to find it.

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Why Churches Need Audio Equipment

More and more churches are integrating sound and production equipment as well as remote streaming into their services, in order to allow them to reach and engage more people.

In 2022, the Church of England’s national online services attracted more than eight million views – roughly 150,000 per week. Their services are broadcast over the radio, via Zoom, using social media, and even via their Daily Hope phone line.

Many churches are also beginning to stage ever larger productions, with audio, lighting and recording equipment, to amplify their message.

These operations can help your words reach more listeners, especially those who cannot physically attend church for a number of reasons, as well as potentially have a greater impact on them. However, organising these sometimes complex operations requires clear communication.

This is where a quality church audio system comes in. With the use of dependable equipment, you can maintain clear oversight of your streaming or production efforts, making sure everything runs as smoothly as possible.

You can manage some key acoustic issues faced by church environments, including reverberation, feedback and echoes, all without needing years of audio experience, simply by communicating remotely and easily.

Finding Church Audio Equipment

Having the right church audio system is key. If your equipment lets you down mid-production or mid-service, it can cause a world of problems and potentially disrupt your proceedings. At Raycom, we stock a selection of Hollyland wireless comms systems, which make a perfect church audio system, offering reliability and quality at an affordable price.

Hollyland Solidcom C1 PRO 2 & 3

The Solidcom C1 PRO 2 & 3 systems from Hollyland are designed for all kinds of live events and broadcasts. They use DECT 6.0 1.9Ghz technology and offer outstanding sound quality, even over a range of up to 1,100ft.

These two and three-pack offerings include either two or three headsets, each with up to 5 hours of working time for the master set, and up to 10 hours of battery for the others from lightweight lithium batteries, keeping the headsets under 170g each. They also include noise cancelling technology, to keep the wearer tuned into their comms, even in noisy and sometimes acoustically challenging church environments.

The Solidcom C1 PRO system operates without the need for a basehub, and the two or three headsets can represent a complete church audio system, although a base unit is also available for enhanced capabilities.

By simply raising or lowering the boom mic on the headset, you can join or leave the conversation, and the directional main mic hones in on the user’s voice. All kits come with a carry case included, as well as two spare batteries for each headset, so you’ll never be without charge for long.

Best of all, you’ll be able to simply unpack and switch on your system – it’s ready to go out of the box with no complicated set-up process.


Hollyland Solidcom C1 Pro 3 Headset Full Duplex Wireless Intercom Headset System

Putting Hollyland Wireless Comms to the Test

Hollyland’s wireless comms systems have already been helping churches and worshippers alike enjoy fantastic services. The team at Valley View Christian Church in Dallas, Texas, recently made use of the plug-and-play Solidcom C1 PRO system to allow their eight-strong production team to manage a major performance during one of their services.

Without the need for a massive budget, their team was able to make use of professional quality audio equipment allowing them to hear each other clearly over the band and keep the show running smoothly. The connected system can even be expanded as their team grows.

Raycom – Your Church Audio System Provider

At Raycom, we’ve been supplying leading quality audio equipment to all kinds of environments, including churches and places of worship, since 1984. We offer outstanding aftercare, with a dedicated service and repair centre.

Orders above £240 qualify for free delivery, and you can buy with confidence thanks to our 14-day return policy.

With our huge range of high-quality audio equipment, we’re at the leading edge of audio equipment supply in the UK.

You can learn more about our range of Hollyland wireless comms systems here. For more information and help choosing your perfect church audio system, contact us via our website or by calling 01789 777 040, or by emailing sales@reycom.co.uk

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