DME Walk Test with MCR54

DME Walk Test with Wisycom MCR54

The next instalment in Raycom TV’s popular series of wireless walk tests focusses on the newest frequency band for use by wireless mics and IEM/IFB – The DME band.

The DME band was identified by Ofcom as having potential to supplement the diminishing UHF spectrum available to PMSE users in the UK and set about persuading all the relevant authorities that it was not only a good idea, but, above all, posed no risk to aviation which is the primary user of the DME spectrum.

Ofcom has opened up some quite large chunks of spectrum for licensing in the UK between 961 to 1154MHz. Licensing is very easy and can be booked online via the usual PFCOM PMSE portal (see link below) and fees are the same as for existing UHF spectrum.

At the moment DME band is only licensable in the UK, but, by its nature, DME is a global band so it is expected that other countries will allow its use for wireless systems in due course.

Wisycom offer a wide range of kit which operates in the DME band including the brand new MCR54 4 channel slot receiver, the MPR52 miniature dual channel receiver and the rack mounted MRK980 RX. Additionally Both of Wisycom’s pocket transmitters and the plug on are available in DME band.

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