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Comica Audio is a globally renowned audio brand, pioneering in the research, development and manufacturing of superior quality professional audio equipment. With a strong focus on providing innovative and efficient audio solutions, Comica has made a name for itself in industries including broadcasting, filmmaking and live shows. Comica’s standout offering includes the Comica Audio BoomX-U QUA 4-channel UHF radio microphone system. 

Comica Audio BoomX-U QUA: Raising the Bar for Budget Radio Microphones 

Comica Audio’s professional equipment, especially the Comica BoomX-U QUA, is revered for its reliability, efficiency and advanced technology. The Comica BoomX-U QUA employs cutting-edge UHF technology to provide a versatile and affordable solution for your radio microphone needs, delivering exceptional sound clarity and an impressive range of up to 120m. 

This 4-channel system has become an immediate hit with semi-professional professional users looking for wireless audio, not just for its reliability but also its ease of use and comprehensive feature set. The system is ideal for producing quality audio in vlogs and marketing videos in the social media space, particularly when featuring multiple contributors.  

Comica Audio’s research and development-led approach to creating their products ensures their microphones have been created with the user in mind. From quality lavalier (lapel) microphones to studio mics, shotgun mics and compact audio mixers, Comica supply an innovative range of audio solutions – perfect for a wide variety of situations. 

Comica Professional Audio Equipment: Unmatched in Quality and Performance 

From bustling live theatre events to controlled studio environments and on-the-go content creation, the robust nature and advanced features of Comica Audio microphones make them indispensable assets in a multitude of production scenarios, which is why they come so highly recommended by Raycom. The Comica Audio BoomX-U QUA system stands up to the rigorous demands of various audio environments, providing an exceptional level of clarity and ease of use. 

With Comica professional audio equipment, maintaining high-quality sound has never been simpler. If you are looking to elevate the audio quality of your projects, Comica Audio will help you achieve the highest standards. 

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Comica professional audio equipment - BoomX set with carry case

Comica BoomX-U QUA

£238.80 inc VAT (£199.00 exc VAT)inc VAT