Scoop up a deal – 10% Off your favourites

Scoop a deal on your ‘Back to work’ kit 😎 Simply select any items from the ‘Pick and Mix’ Spend a minimum of £100 ex VAT Save yourself 10% off the order! Pick n’ Mix Items ⭐️ Viviana Range of products  ⭐️ Bubblebee Range of products (excluding the Sidekick) ⭐️ Hideamic Range of products  ⭐️ Raycom Bias-Tee ⭐️ DPA […]


RAYCOM LTD – COVID-19 UPDATE We’re pleased to tell you that Raycom is still very much operating as close to normal as the current situation will allow. Through the wonders of modern technology many of our staff are working from home as directed, however as a customer calling in over the phone or placing an […]

“The Aston Sound” by Aston Microphones

“Aston Microphones. Designed by British engineers, the sound developed by the best ears in the business, and then made in the UK… a pretty cool combination.” Aston Microphones Raycom carefully select our products to reflect our ethos of quality. Aston Microphones as a UK manufactured brand of boutique microphones fits well within our brand and […]

Bubblebee Industries Spacer Kit

Bubblebee Industries Spacer Kit The Bubblebee Industries Spacer Kit gives you the weather protection you need to record sound with any shotgun mic, indoor or outdoor, in all kinds of wind. The Kit consists of 1 Spacer Bubble base, 1 short-haired fur cover, 1 bag to store and dry the fur in + 1 long-haired […]

Sound Devices CL-16

Sound Devices CL-16 Pricing now out at £4695.00 ex VAT – Pre Order here The CL-16 Linear Fader Control Surface for 8-Series combines the simplicity of traditional analog consoles with the power and flexibility of digital consoles. This bespoke control surface enhances the experience of cart-based mixing with its intuitive operation, 16 silky-smooth faders, 16 […]

NEW! Schoeps 10 Year Warranty

WARRANTY TERMS Schoeps offer a two-year manufacturer’s warranty on all microphone capsules (MK), microphones (e.g. CMIT, CCM) and microphone amplifiers (CMC). By registering the products on the Schoeps Web site, the warranties of capsules, microphones and amplifiers can be extended to ten years. This extension of warranty applies only to the original purchaser and is […]

Companders and keys – What you need to know about analogue radiomics

Companders and keys – What you need to know about analogue radiomics By Pyers Easton Anyone who has ever used an analogue radiomic has probably heard of a ‘compander’. Over the years I have heard them called various thing such as ‘compounder’ or ‘compoonder’, but it is actually a portmanteau of the words ‘compressor’ and […]

Living by numbers – The benefits of digital.

Living by numbers – The benefits of digital. Having spelt out the advantages of using an analogue transport for wireless mics in a previous blog I thought it was about time I covered the up-sides of using an all digital system. Firstly, let’s look at the basic difference between the two systems; whilst analogue FM […]