Tech Tuesday! – Bubblebee Windbubbles

In our latest edition of Tech Tuesday, we take a look at the Bubblebee Wind Jamming range. In our Latest

Tech Tuesday! – Wisycom MCR54

In our latest episode of Tech Tuesday, we take a look at the Wisycom MCR54! For today’s blog we are

Tech Tuesday! – Maverick Sound Cart

What better to talk about in our latest Tech Tuesday but the newly release Maverick from Sound Cart The Maverick

Lockdown 3 Update

Raycom Update: Lockdown 3   As the UK enters into a 3rd lockdown we have been working hard to increase

Sound Is Essential | Sound on Set

Sound Is Essential | Ep. 1 Sound on Set   We have teamed up with over 40 other Audio Industry

Christmas with Raycom

Christmas with Raycom! Given how well the Black Friday offer went (Thank you to all our Wonderful customers!) we are

Tech Tuesday! | Phonak Roger Earpiece

PHONAK ROGER | Ep.1 Earpiece   The Phonak Roger has been on the market for a few years now and

Black Friday With a Twist at Raycom!

It’s Black Friday, and we know you are expecting a deal! Rather than second guess what you want, we’re putting

Tentacle Sync E & Track E

You can find the latest software, firmware and manuals for the Tentacle Range below. For a guide on how to