DME – Welcome to the future

DME – Welcome to the future By Pyers Easton September 2019 It’s no secret that PMSE is losing the band between 700 and 800MHz next year. To their credit Ofcom have come up with a solution to ease crowding in the remaining spectrum; the DME band. Developed in Australia in the early 1950s DME stands […]

So, just what is ‘an intermod’ then?

So, just what is ‘an intermod’ then? by Pyers Easton Anyone who has ever used wireless audio will have heard of ‘intermod free plans’, but many users do not know what this means. In this article I will attempt to explain. Intermodulation (or ‘intermod’ for short) is a phenomenon that affects wireless where there are […]

Wireless – Will Digital kill the Analogue Star?

A personal view from Pyers Easton In a word, until the laws of physics are bent, no! It’s very much a ‘horses for courses’ decision because, despite what some sales people will have you believe, digital is not necessarily better. There are advantages to be gained by undertaking the signal processing in DSP, and there […]

Lectrosonics With Raycom Extended 5 Year Warranty

Raycom launches a 5 year Warranty on Lectrosonics products! Through its 30 year history of supplying innovative audio products to the film, broadcast and live sound markets Raycom has always considered a high level of customer support and long term after care service as pivotal. Guidance in product choice and a full repair service is […]

“Sound Within Reach” – Introducing the NEW K-Tek KlassicPro

“Sound Within Reach” – Introducing the NEW K-Tek KlassicPro “Sound Within Reach” has been the slogan for K-Tek since creating their first boom pole in 1996 and this summer K-Tek has announced major advances to their award winning Klassic Boom Poles with the KlassicPro to keep up with the demands and preferences of today’s professional […]

Audio Limited A10 Kit Cashback Rebate Offer!

The Audio Limited A10 Kit Cashback Rebate Offer! Customers who purchase qualifying A10 Digital wireless systems during the promo dates may receive an instant rebate discount at the time of their transaction. The offer ends July 19th 2019. How it works: Purchase 1 x A10 Kit and receive a £500.00 instant rebate. Purchase 2 x […]

Sound Devices Mega Sale! – Ended

Sound Devices Mega Sale! – ENDED Throughout February you can save on the following Sound Devices products: Sound Devices 688 – Save £420 inc vat – Use coupon ‘ save£420 ‘ at checkout Sound Devices 633 – Save £360 inc vat – Use coupon ‘ save£360 ‘ at checkout Sound Devices MixPre 10T – Save […]

Ofcom 700MHz Compensation Scheme

Ofcom 700MHz Compensation Scheme The reduction of useable spectrum for PMSE is approaching fast. From May 1st  2020 we all need to clear the 700-800 MHz band in favour of 5G mobile phones. Whilst being a little disruptive we’re sure you are aware of the benefits of a rather generous compensation scheme, put in place […]