Audio Solutions for the Stage and Theatre 

In the world of stage and theatre, creating the perfect ambience and delivering impeccable audio quality is a vital component of every successful performance. The magic of theatre is intricately woven with sound, transporting audiences into the world of the performance and providing a truly immersive experience. 

At Raycom, we understand the nuanced importance of high-grade theatre comms headsets and audio systems in setting the stage for a captivating show. It is our mission to enhance and elevate the theatrical experience with superior sound and seamless communication systems. Radio Frequency (RF) systems, specifically, play a pivotal role in achieving this, ensuring seamless communication and flawless sound delivery. Their robust performance is integral to creating a theatre experience that is immersive, clear and uninterrupted.  

As specialists in theatre sound supplies, we offer top-notch solutions that promise affordability, ease of use and exceptional audio quality. We provide a comprehensive range of products including, but not limited to, the renowned Hollyland Solidcom C1 PRO comms and incredible Wisycom RF mic and IEM ranges. 

With the fusion of our expertise and these advanced systems, we’re committed to helping you orchestrate unforgettable performances. Whether it’s a dramatic play, a spirited musical or an intimate solo performance, our audio solutions are designed to ensure that every note, line, and sound cue reaches the audience as intended.  

seated theatre audience during a production show


How Raycom Can Help Get Your Theatre Set Up for Productions in the UK 

Whether you’re staging a classic drama at a local theatre, hosting a grand opera in a sprawling auditorium or coordinating a cutting-edge contemporary performance, Raycom can supply your theatre sound needs. We provide comprehensive support and a selection of top-grade theatre comms systems, designed to meet a diverse array of staging requirements. 

Our team of highly skilled experts is readily available to guide you in choosing the best theatre comms system, tailoring each solution to meet your unique requirements and the specific needs of your venue. Our commitment to you extends from the initial consultation to post-installation support, ensuring your audio setup is primed to deliver superior performance at every stage. 

Our approach is underpinned by a deep understanding of the theatre industry, blending the heritage of traditional theatre practices with innovative technologies. We believe in the power of theatre to inspire and captivate, and we work tirelessly to help bring that magic to life through our audio solutions. 

The Type of Equipment We Can Provide 

We offer an extensive selection of professional audio equipment, tailored for theatre productions. This includes everything from high-performance wireless and RF systems to state-of-the-art wireless comms. 

Our offerings are a testament to both cutting-edge technology and our commitment to facilitating unforgettable audio experiences. When you partner with Raycom, you don’t just receive superior theatre comms equipment. You also gain access to our wealth of industry experience and our unparalleled commitment to your success. Together, we work towards ensuring every performance leaves your audience spellbound. 

Wireless & RF Systems 

Our selection of wireless and RF systems offers a high-tech solution for theatre sound, essential for any modern production. These systems are meticulously designed to handle the intricate and demanding aspects of theatre performances. Delivering superior audio performance, they seamlessly integrate with existing audio setups for a fluid, unobtrusive addition to your production setup. Wireless systems provide an unmatched level of flexibility, and their interference-free audio capability is a crucial factor for any successful performance. With this, your theatre production can truly shine, resonating with the audience as intended. 

Radio Comms & Talkback 

Effective communication is the bedrock of a successful theatre performance. Our radio comms and talkback systems provide immediate and reliable communication solutions to keep your entire production team connected and coordinated. These real-time systems are indispensable assets for managing stage cues, synchronising stage effects and maintaining overall production unity. With our radio comms and talkback systems, your team can work as a cohesive unit, enhancing the smoothness and success of your productions.  

radio comms being used for a stage production or tv

Why Choose Hollyland Comms for Theatre Productions 

Hollyland is a name trusted by professionals in the world of theatre production and for very good reasons. Specialising in the design and manufacture of wireless communication systems, Hollyland has quickly made its mark in the industry by consistently delivering products synonymous with quality, reliability and cutting-edge technology. Choosing Hollyland wireless comms for your theatre productions translates to investing in clear, uninterrupted communication – an element integral to any successful performance. 

The Hollyland Solidcom C1 PRO headset range stands as a testament to Hollyland’s commitment to innovation and excellence. These headsets strike the perfect balance between superior sound quality, robust construction and extremely competitive cost. They are designed for durability, promising longevity and consistent performance, even under the demanding conditions of theatre production. The full-duplex nature of these headsets enables real-time, two-way communication, ensuring your team can coordinate seamlessly during live performances. 

Whether you’re setting up for a community theatre show or gearing up for a large-scale opera, choosing Hollyland comms systems assures a level of quality and dependability that is second to none. Let Hollyland’s advanced audio solutions play a pivotal role in your next theatre production, helping to create an immersive experience for your audience. 

With Hollyland, you’re not just choosing a product. You’re choosing a partner dedicated to enhancing the success of your performances. Take the first step towards superior audio experiences and explore Raycom’s comprehensive range of Hollyland products today. 

mixer for theatre and tv production with headset

Our Top Hollyland Products 

When it comes to providing seamless communication solutions for theatre productions, Hollyland is a brand that truly stands out. Renowned for its dedication to designing innovative and reliable professional audio transmission products, Hollyland continually pushes the boundaries to meet the diverse needs of creative professionals so let’s explore our top Hollyland products designed for theatre productions: 

Hollyland C1 Solidcom Pro 2 headsets and case

Solidcom C1 Pro 2S Wireless Intercom system

£630.00 inc VAT (£525.00 exc VAT)inc VAT
Hollyland Solidcom C1 Pro 3 headset system full duplex

Solidcom C1 Pro 3S Wireless Intercom system

£946.80 inc VAT (£789.00 exc VAT)inc VAT
Hollyland Solidcom C1 Pro 4 headset system full duplex

Solidcom C1 Pro 4S Wireless Intercom system

£1,246.80 inc VAT (£1,039.00 exc VAT)inc VAT
hollyland solidcom c1-8s headset product image on white background

Solidcom C1 Pro 6S Wireless Intercom system

£1,860.00 inc VAT (£1,550.00 exc VAT)inc VAT
hollyland solidcom c1-8s headset product image on white background

Solidcom C1 Pro 8S Wireless Intercom system

£2,460.00 inc VAT (£2,050.00 exc VAT)inc VAT
Hollyland c1 hub headset product image on white background Full Set

Solidcom C1 Pro 8S Wireless Intercom system with HUB

£4,320.00 inc VAT (£3,600.00 exc VAT)inc VAT
hollyland solidcom c1 hub base

Solidcom C1 Pro Hub Station

£1,560.00 inc VAT (£1,300.00 exc VAT)inc VAT
Hollyland Solidcom C Pro Full Duplex Wired Headset For HUB Station

Solidcom C1-SH03 Pro Full Duplex Wired Headset For HUB Station

£118.80 inc VAT (£99.00 exc VAT)inc VAT

Get in Touch 

Interested in revolutionising your theatre production’s audio experience? At Raycom, we specialise in providing quality, affordable RF systems. Our expert team is eager to discuss your unique requirements and guide you towards the very best sound equipment for your specific needs. If you’re looking for advice on the Hollyland SolidcomC1 PRO headset we’re ready to assist. 

Don’t hesitate to contact us today for all your theatre sound supplies. We’re available by phone at 01789 777 040 or via email at When you choose Raycom, you’re choosing a partner committed to ensuring your theatre performances sound impeccable, every single time. We look forward to hearing from you and being a part of your theatre’s unforgettable audio experience.